Our Telephone Services

Doctor Call Back Service 01822 852202 (Monday to Friday 08.00 - 10.00)

The service ensures that everyone can see a doctor within 48 hours - usually we offer an appointment on the same day. Many problems can be solved without the need for you to come to the surgery.  Simply provide our receptionist with a contact telephone number and a doctor will ring you back (usually within 30 minutes). 

Please tell the receptionist if you are not available within this time scale and they will record this for the doctor. 

Routine phone calls with your usual doctor 01822 852202

If you have a routine query regarding an ongoing problem, you can request to speak to your usual doctor at the end of their morning surgery.  Every doctor has a limited number of phone call slots that the receptionists can use, but once these slots are full they are not permitted to add more so your call may have to wait until another day. 

If you think you are likely to need an appointment it may be more suitable for you to use the call-back service. 

Afternoon Duty Phone Calls 01822 852202

If you have missed the call-back service in the morning but have a problem that requires medical attention before the following day, there is a duty doctor that can call you back in the afternoon.  You may have to wait until the doctor has completed their visits at lunchtime before the doctor calls.  The doctor will offer you an appointment time that afternoon if you need to be seen on the day.

Please be aware that the doctors request the receptionists to ask you for more information so that they can decide the best way to help you.  Please be assured that any information you share with them is completely confidential.

If your call is very urgent or requires immediate action, please tell the receptionist!

Nurse Phone Calls 01822 852202

You can request a phone call with the practice nurse for advice regarding travel immunisations or to discuss ongoing problems with asthma and diabetes. The nurses have appointment slots at the end of their morning surgery. 

Please check with the receptionist at the time of requesting the call that your query is suitable for the nurse as we may need to organise a doctor’s call instead. 

General Enquiries 01822 852202

Our receptionists are able to help you with a number of things without you having to talk to the doctor, such as sick notes, queries about prescriptions or referrals and other general enquiries.  The receptionists do have access to your records as it can help them make decisions about the best way to help you and the doctors/nurses.  Please be assured that they are bound by confidentiality just the same as clinical staff. 

Results of Investigations/Blood Test Results 01822 852202

Please only call for results between 2.00pm and 4.00pm. 


Except in an emergency, if you think you require a home visit from the doctor, please use the call-back service so that the doctor can ring you first to assess the urgency of the situation. 

Most visits are done at lunchtime so please ring as soon as possible in the morning.